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So I told you about Friday at the Buccleuch Challenge – I woke on Saturday feeling a bit tired and actually a  wee bit unwell.

I was determined to get along to see two runners finish the half marathon.  Parking at Tesco on the West side of Musselburgh because the traffic was unbelievable I walked slowly along the High Street to Musselburgh Race Course where the half marathon finish line was.

But you know what?  As soon as I saw both runners – Lorraine and Kirsty (they didn’t know each other) I felt so much better.  Our fundraisers make my heart sing, so they do.  These two amazing runners both raised hundreds of pounds for us and trained hard for their race.  I was so glad to be there to see them.  Bonus was I bumped into Emma one of our newer but fabulous volunteers who had been doing this run for fun.

Kirsty Griffiths has been a supporter of mine for years and years and is just wonderful and lovely and she looked fantastic in her It’s Good 2 Give running vest with her name on the back.  I hope lots of people cheered her on.  (I did)

I walked back to my car with much more of a spring in my step and gratitude in my heart.

2014-09-06 13.37.23

Janette and my afternoon tea event

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What a great event.

Raised us around £1200.

My pal Janette is one amazing baker and like many amazing home bakers her talents go largely unrecognised – but not by me and everyone who eats her cakes.   And our crowd on Sunday were no different. She catered for those who eat wheat free, she catered for those who like fruit, she catered for all of us!  Her presentation is stunning – gorgeous meringue nests,  beautiful chocolate cups filled with home made strawberry mousse.  traybakes galore and Nana’s famous scones.  (with clotted cream).

My role was always going to be different – I offered our house as a venue and cleaned it to perfection – begged extra tables, cake stands, napkins, tablecloths, chairs, cutlery, donations.  Ian preened the garden and it looks stunning. (he also decided to make little sausage rolls and sausage swirls – loving his time in the kitchen these days)  Even our beautiful and favourite paeony rose (bowl of beauty) came out to celebrate.

Our kitchen isn’t small but it wasn’t big enough for the team just before the event as we all tried to do our various roles – but we got there in the end and our guests really enjoyed themselves as you can see in the photos.  Janette’s son, Kyle asked his friend Gordon Robertson to come along and sing for us – well, he is incredible and I recommend him very highly – will be hiring him again for future events (though possibly paying him next time!)

As usual everyone donated their time and skills and ingredients helping us get to that superb amount raised.  please do scroll down for the full thank you list!



We need to do a wee thank you list

in no particular order

  • Janette – obviously – for so much time, effort and skills and a huge financial contribution as she only uses the finest ingredients in all her baking.

  • Hannah – for helping Janette and for being part of the team on Sunday.

  • Gordon Robertson – stunning musician and donated his time – check him out here.

  • Marlyn, Tia, Susan for being part of the team on Sunday  helping set up and serve and clear up (and Susan for making those amazing Cosmopolitan cocktails)

  • Sue at Cafe Musa for donating dill scones and smoked salmon mousse and loaning us a dozen slate cake stands.

  • Victor and Carina Contini for their continued support of my fundraising and on this occasion donating two amazing cakes for the event.

  • Eteaket for donating several packets of lovely tea for us to use.

  • Gillian Baldwin, Caroline Bald for loaning linen tablecloths

  • Kae for donating the champagne – oh my, that went down well.

  • The Sheraton Grand for loaning two tables and 30 linen napkins (makes all the difference!)

  • Anne, Sue, Wendy for loaning chairs

  • Wendy also loaned cutlery and dishes

  • Jacqui for loaning beautiful linen napkins

  • Alison for helping with the return of some of above items!

  • Mimi’s, Eteaket, Arbonne, for donating prizes for our raffle.

Wet Weekend

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Hey, it’s Scotland – we had to be unsure about the weather.   It was still a shock to wake on Saturday to see it so grey.

It was with a light heart though that I went along to Holyrood Park to cheer on one of our youngest runners – Ross Paterson.

He was taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon weekend events by running in the Junior race – a 3km.

New volunteer, Emma, and I found a tree to huddle underneath until the race started.  While we were waiting and shivering we spotted a tall bloke walking up the path and realised it was none other than our Charity patron, Grant Stott.   He had been down at the Radio Forth outside broadcast van during the earlier runs.

After a quick chat he was off  and so was the 3k race.  I was astonished how fast the children ran!

Ross came up the hill after about 7 minutes – he looked relaxed and was running beside someone else we know – Noah who has fought cancer – the two of them were almost chatting as they ran.

I managed a wee video of them too

Sunday was going to be a big day for It’s Good 2 Give

Several runners in the half and full marathon.

requiring just as many volunteers to cheer them on and greet them at the end.

All did well.  But a special mention for the youngsters

Waiting on Angela Millar were Victoria and James – looking comfy here in this photo (and finding the only sunny moment on Sunday. )

james and victoria











and Lucy Coltman who had a stall in her garden and raised, wait for this, £375 for It’s Good 2 Give

While all this was going on in Edinburgh and East Lothian I was up in Cupar, Fife with Sylvia Wilson who  had organised her annual plant sale and which grows bigger each year.  The plants are stunning they really are and we had so many other things like pots, gardening books, powerwashers, lawn aerators and so much more.  Plus, even though the rain was bouncing off the ground, some of the smiliest, happiest folks around – I love being at Sylvia’s event – though please could we be given a tiny bit sun next year??  Thanks Sylvia, Chris and team for raising over £1000 for us.


To all of you who ran for us, cheered on the runners, baked for them, waited in the pouring rain for them and to Sylvia and her team – a massive thank you from us all.

Community fundraising at its best.


Sylvia’s Plant Sale

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What?   Plant and Garden Sale in aid of It’s Good 2 Give.

Where?  Tesco’s car park, Cupar

When?   Sunday 25 May 10am to 4pm

More information from Sylvia herself – “It is the 5th year of the event which  takes place from 10am until 4pm in Tesco’s car park, Cupar on Sunday 25th May in memory of my daughter Jennifer who died of Ovarian cancer in March 2010 shortly before her 18th birthday. This year we have added a theme as we plan to have an area designated for plants which attract bees to the garden, with someone available for advice on bees. Please contact me on face book or telephone 01334 654848 and leave a message if I don’t answer.  I am looking for donations of plants or garden items.
You can donate any type of plant or garden related item that we could sell for this fantastic charity. We have had some very interesting items at previous events. Please share this post and help us support Lynne’s £100k challenge.”

You can also get in touch with us through our website  by clicking here


For anyone interested in gardening – this is an event worth visiting – the plants are top quality and we often have beautiful planters and other items for sale too.

Charity Couture!

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Fantastic new event organised by Trustee Donella Lawson and great supporter Michelle Macdonald

Where?   | LULU | George Street | Edinburgh

When?    June 7th 2014 2pm – 5pm

What?  Cocktail on arrival | Bar available | Various stalls and pampering experiences including Lash Bar, Hair by Connolly, Stella & Dot Jewellery to complete finishing touches | Raffle and Silent Auction

Tickets £10 – Available from the following…
Connolly Hairdressing, Howe Street |
Sonya Moore Hairdresser, Telford Road, Blackhall
Macgregor Hairdressing, Churchill, Edinburgh |
Zest Beauty Salons, Liberton Place, Haddington Place & Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh

Donations of designer/ fashionable makes of clothing and accessories gratefully received.

Please contact Donella – donellalawson@aol.com (Mobile 07889 853045)
or Michelle, danshell@hotmail.com (Mobile 07976 369127) for collection of donations.

Pudding club

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Yesterday was a gorgeous spring Sunday – typical for April – one minute sunny next a wee shower and a bit breezy (it’s Edinburgh so that’s something we are used to).

It was also the day for Inside Out Chef, Wendy Paterson’s secret Pudding Club.  And I was lucky enough to be there.

Oh my oh my.  Fridges filled with puddings.  Puddings as far as the eye could see!

Wendy is working with Mackie’s of Scotland now and they had very kindly sponsored the event.  Reeltime Bars were a sponsor too- sponsoring a very lovely looking cocktail with strawberries and white balsamic vinegar and was it Bacardi?  looked scrumptious and it was obvious the guests thought so too.

Lucy, one of our Young Ambassadors, had come with me as she is a photography student and so got busy taking photos of the puddings in the kitchen.  I’ll add her photos when I get them – you have to make do with the ones I took with my phone till then!

I donned my pinny and started serving – I was helping Wendy’s husband, Ian and her mum, Linda – we had a table each to look after.  There were 18 guests.

The first course (of five) was a trio of desserts – eh?  A trio!   And then I read that the cheesecake course was 2 cheesecakes so to my mind that meant there were 8 courses really – no one was going to manage all that pudding.


Most did.  Wendy had kindly supplied boxes so that folk could take some pudding home but it seemed to me that was only the real extra stuff they took home.  The pavlova for each table was huge and looked sooooo tasty.

The apple crumble smelled divine – straight out the oven and served with custard.

The final course was Make Your Own Ice cream sundae – with three flavours of Mackie’s Ice cream of course.

What a triumph.  Wendy and her team did us proud – days of hard work certainly paid off.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Wendy for organising this event, to Mackie’s and Reeltime bars for sponsoring it and to all the guests for donating.

Wendy was doing this event as part of our 100 people raising £1000 each for us and it is already clear that she has smashed her target.  (ps If you would like to become one of our 100 people raising £1000 do get in touch – everyone who has signed up says they are so glad they have done so – and very proud of themselves too)

Team Byrne do the Inverness Half Marathon

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Guest blog post by Shonagh Byrne, our Events VA.

It’s taken me over a week to reflect on the Inverness Half Marathon I ran on the 9th of March with Danny, Avril, Lisa and David. We all ran it for Evie’s 3rd birthday. Evie should have been having a party. Instead we ran in memory of her.


After signing up last year for our first half marathon we knew it would be so hard for us, both physically (only ever ran 10 miles most) and mentally (even more so, you’ll read below). Deciding to make a weekend of it, we booked a Lodge on Loch Ness, to chill in before and after race day. Fab plan!


Awaiting the start of the race with our specially printed tops all that was running through my mind was Evie yelling at the top of her voice ‘Go…. GO!!!!’ like when we were waiting for traffic lights or stuck in a queue, she is so impatient!


Song one shine bright like a diamond…. Amazing start! This song gave me inspiration for how I should cross the finish line, as well as inspiration throughout my life since Evie passed.


6 miles in I wobble. What Would Evie Do? She’d man up! I needed someone to say keep going, it was only 6 miles in! Not even half way! Lisa reassures me and we keep running. Mile 8 I crumble. At the side of the road is a wee girl; probably 3 standing with a sign her and maybe her auntie had made who is standing with her. Keep Running Mum I Love You. Could feel tears start to fill up my eyes. That should have been Evie there, standing with her Auntie Nic.


Throughout the whole race, the constant thought of Evie and so many other amazing children we know, having gone through the gruesome treatment they did, my legs didn’t feel sore, tired, they just couldn’t! I cannot now complain of minor pain!


Finishing the 13.1 miles was amazing, Danny, Avril and I holding our hands up like diamonds in the sky for Evie. I could feel my heart beating throughout my whole body. Loads of thoughts come to me now as I type this, all the strength Evie needed to fight, how tired she was, how exhausting every movement she made was. This race was nothing and won’t bring her back but allowed me to celebrate every day of her short, short life and send her the birthday love that I wish I could give her in person. You know, that amazing, beautiful, never want to ever let you go and I promise I will protect you forever cuddle that you give your children?


As for the fundraising page, I can hardly read the total, as my eyes are flooded with tears! Over £4800 inc gift aid…. Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated. You are making families with kids like Evie, you are making their lives that little bit more comfier with the practical support It’s Good 2 Give can provide with the money you’ve given. Based on the personal experience of the support we received, I thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxxxx

Inspiring family

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Tomorrow, on what should be their beautiful little girl’s 3rd birthday, Team Byrne will be running the Inverness half marathon for It’s Good 2 Give.

They started off as a team pledging to raise £1000 but their page now has over £4000 on it. Yes, you read that right! Oh, and there is still time to donate.

It says much about the esteem that Danny, Shonagh and Alfie are held in that the total is at that astonishing figure.

Personally I am very lucky to have Shonagh as part of our Business Admin team. Their loss is unimaginable but it really is important to them to remember Evie and to live their life in a way to honour her.

From the comfort of my couch tomorrow I will be thinking of them and their good friends Avril, David and Lisa running 13 miles to honour Evie.  Evie’s brother Alfie will be with them cheering them on- let’s all hope for a dry day for them.

I will be thinking of Evie too and hope you might join me.

Thank you Team Byrne and good luck tomorrow.


100 Pledges

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Make no mistake this is no easy challenge!

I’m asking folk to pledge to raise £1000 for us – individuals, couples, teams via sponsorship, organising an event or just doing lots of little things over the year (saving 20p in a smartie tube, bag packing, gift wrapping, bake sales, car washing -there are literally hundreds of ideas out there for fundraising)

So, it is with much pleasure I announce that we already have 15 pledgers and here they are

Some have  completed their challenge, others are in early stages of planning

  1. The Lothian Bus Geeks – raised £4200
  2. Susan Stewart and the Mallin crew
  3. Marlyn Minto
  4. Team McPherson
  5. Team Byrne
  6. Cat Anderson
  7. Angela Miller
  8. Team The Chubbs
  9. Team Zest it up
  10. Rachael McWilliams
  11. Lucy Kendrew
  12. Wendy Paterson
  13. Felicity Keating
  14. Wendy Russell Hall
  15. The Shaw summer party

Wendy’s £1000 pledge has already become £2000 as she got her employers Scottish Widows, to match fund it- raised through raffle, auction, bake sales and  clothing sales – terrific and much appreciated.

Team Byrne’s fundraising challenge is doing incredibly well. This inspirational couple and their friends are running the Inverness half marathon on what should have been their beautiful daughter Evie’s 3rd birthday. Little Evie lost her fight with cancer last May but mum and dad Shonagh and Danny want to raise funds for the charities who supported them during the months of treatment – this is their fundraising challenge for us. You can read more here.

Angela Miller is our first ever runner in the Edinburgh Marathon – watch out for her and cheer her on if you see her.

Wendy’s fundraising will mainly be foodie events – this chef plans to organise pudding events – yum!

Felicity plans a pamper event repeating a success of last year

The McPherson events include sporting events and foodie events -oh and a whisky tasting!

Plenty variety there and space for you to join in – I’d like to have 25 pledgers by the end March but by the end February would be even better.

Go on , get a team together or go it alone and help us.

We do make a difference. You only have to read what Shonagh says to know that.

Want to take part? email me lynne (at)itsgood2give(dot)co(dot)uk