Kaleidoscope Fashion Show

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Oh my goodness.  What a show. What a wonderful show.

I do not mind admitting that Louise, Wilma, Shonagh, Susie and I were getting a wee bit stressed in the days leading up to the event – Managing 53 models, their hair appointments (I foolishly promised Darlene I wouldn’t make any changes to the schedule – ha ha – several changes later I ate humble pie), 14 independent clothing suppliers, 8 make up artists, several photographers, organising food and drink for all the volunteers  oh yes recruiting, briefing and managing those volunteers (there were more than 40 of them), arranging to pick up printing, clothes, rails, flowers, water and goodness knows what else.

Saturday saw Louise burning CD’s and back up CD’s and working out choreography – in between running her own beauty empire, Wilma was busy dodging about town collecting clothes turning her car into the itsgood2give van for the day, Marlyn and I were sorting ID badges, ticket lists, packing the car then later I was printing list after list till my printer packed up (yes before I was finished sadly but we had a back up plan and put that in place.  took a wee bit longer but hey, it worked). Susie was busy calming our young host’s nerves and getting her new shoes to match her two outfits. Shonagh was at Costco buying up their stock of water and chocolate oranges among other things.  Then there was Val at Flavour busy in her shop making up sandwiches for over 100 people – volunteers and models needed fed and Val was the woman to do that. Like everyone else involved in Sunday’s show she was donating her time and sandwiches (and crisps and milk and cakes)

Saturday was also not a great day weather wise which was a wee bit worrying – I didn’t want models to get their hair ruined before they even got to the school.

Sunday dawned dry- that was all we could ask for.  Ian and I  were up at 5  doing final packing of the  car and I was remembering my own clothes. (been there, done that, got that t shirt thanks – one year forgot my own clothes and make up.  Could get away with that then less so now)

We all met at the school at 0930 and offloaded my car so I could scoot to the hairdressers for first appt.  I wasn’t first there – Shonagh, Danny, Alfie, Lynn and Kieran were already there and the Carters too.  it was, as always, a lovely atmosphere- the team of stylists at Charlie Miller were led by Amber Lennie and it was good to see Cat there too and indeed it was Cat who came to the school with a couple of stylists to do last minute tweaking and preening.  Our models looked gorgeous.

The team from the Make up Academy of Scotland were fantastic too – bold bright colours perfect for the catwalk and the guys allowed a wee bit make up to be applied too.

Let us also remember the team at The Tom Fleming Centre for Performing Arts, – Chris, Liam and his colleague and the janitor.  They couldn’t do enough to help us. The catwalk was in Louise’s new idea of an H Shape with lighting uplighting it, our gobo was in place, the music and presentations were perfect.

We had a 20 strong team of volunteers from Lloyds Bank led by Julie Patience helping us and they were most welcome.  Helping do everything from sell raffle tickets, sell our merchandise, tombola (they exceeded my expectations there, well done guys), be our security team, help in refreshments and wardrobe.

Great supporter Kelly Manthorp, herself no stranger to organising even bigger events than this, took on the role of Front of House manager and I was glad of her there.

Everyone played their part to perfection.  My family – husband, stepdaughter and grandsons welcomed our guests and showed them to the auditorium.  I was in charge of wardrobe – tough call that one. Definitely learnt lots of lessons there that could be improved on for future shows but overall it was fun.  I even managed a last minute and fun shot on the catwalk wearing one of Silver Experience’s gorgeous cashmere ponchos – I chose a pink one as it matched my trainers (yep, wore them on the catwalk.) was fun and I wanted to go out again but perhaps another time.

I am scared to do a thank you list as I don’t want to forget anyone and fear I might – so many people gave of their time, skills, ideas and money to support us and I will but in a separate post with links to each of their businesses.

Our wonderful Patron Grant Stott was superb on the catwalk with co-host, Young Ambassador Sammi Bradley – she did have a few nerves before hand but I tell you what, they didn’t show on that stage – she was superb – as you can see from the photos.  And Grant had a word or two to say about her on his radio show on Monday.

This event is about giving everyone on the catwalk a fantastic and special day and giving the audience a great show and we achieved that.

We now have a great many photos to share with you – bear with me while I upload them  over next couple of weeks. There are a selection in the galleries below

Our superb photographers were

Glenda Robertson

Rich Dyson

Alex Hewitt

Stephanie Hunter

Lewis Donaldson

Some of Glenda Robertson’s photos

Some of Rich Dyson’s photos

A selection of Alex Hewitt’s photos



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