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So I told you about Friday at the Buccleuch Challenge – I woke on Saturday feeling a bit tired and actually a  wee bit unwell.

I was determined to get along to see two runners finish the half marathon.  Parking at Tesco on the West side of Musselburgh because the traffic was unbelievable I walked slowly along the High Street to Musselburgh Race Course where the half marathon finish line was.

But you know what?  As soon as I saw both runners – Lorraine and Kirsty (they didn’t know each other) I felt so much better.  Our fundraisers make my heart sing, so they do.  These two amazing runners both raised hundreds of pounds for us and trained hard for their race.  I was so glad to be there to see them.  Bonus was I bumped into Emma one of our newer but fabulous volunteers who had been doing this run for fun.

Kirsty Griffiths has been a supporter of mine for years and years and is just wonderful and lovely and she looked fantastic in her It’s Good 2 Give running vest with her name on the back.  I hope lots of people cheered her on.  (I did)

I walked back to my car with much more of a spring in my step and gratitude in my heart.

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