Scottish Referendum

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I feel that this historic  day calls for a wee post.

If you thought though that I was going to tell you how I voted you are mistaken!  Nor will I beseech you to vote yes or no.  You are smart enough to know what you want as I believe I am.

What I want to say really  is my usual message of gratitude.

How lucky I am, we are, to live in this utterly beautiful country free to say pretty much what we like about politicians, the royals, referendum – without fear of reprisal.  I am saddened to see signs destroyed or flags burned – not sure what that proves except disrespect but I have seen a great deal of discussion and debate – mostly measured and often passionate.  And what kind of referendum would this be if not for passion?  Not much point in it really.

I am passionate about our charities, about my fundraising and most certainly about supporting the families we come into contact with.  So it is good to see passion from all the people debating this subject.

More than anything though – come Friday morning when the result is announced I want us to shake hands and work together again to move forward in the post IndyRef world, whatever it is.

We can do that.

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