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Lothian Bus Geeks

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Yesterday I read about two guys who planned to ride every bus route on Lothian Buses service in one day.  from Bus number 113 to bus number 1.

I tweeted them and wished them luck and hoped they might be able to get on ‘our’ bus.  We had a wee bit chat back and forth and I asked my followers to consider following them.  Then my friends at Edinburgh Spotlight took up the mantle and gave them a mention.  And before you knew it, they had hundreds of followers.

I came onto the computer this morning with the intention of working hard on admin matters.  Truly, I did. I clicked on twitter to see how they were doing and again wished them well.  They had got off to a good start.

Oh, by the way their names are Chris and Neil.lothian bus geek

Off they went.  From bus to bus. And that is the way it has been all day.

But two buses in and their friend Peter (I like him a lot already) said why not have a fundraising page?  They said well if you want to do it go ahead.  And do it for the Lothian Buses Charity of the Year.   I was on twitter at the time (laughing at this as I have pretty much been on twitter all day) and gave Peter the link to virginmoneygiving and before you knew it they had a page.  It’s here if you want to donate!

And before you could say, ‘Tickets please” they had donations.

Rolling in.

and in.

Their twitter follower numbers increased rapidly – they had journalists hopping on buses with them for interviews, doing phone interviews with radio stations and STV were trying their best to catch up with them!

It hasn’t all gone according to plan.  They missed the last 20 and 15 buses but they just changed the rules (rules they had made themselves), dusted themselves down and got on with doing what they can.  Their aim remains to get on all other buses by midnight.

As I type this at 7pm they are on the 21 bus.

How much have they raised?  Well, right now the total stands at £906 and with gift aid that is £1119.  I reckon they will do £1000 PLUS gift aid.

So, unwittingly, they have become my first team to raise £1000 this year for us.  I wanted 100 pledges of £1000 and have five individuals/teams signed up but now I have our first completed team!

Many many thanks to Neil and Chris and to Peter for offering to set up the fundraising page.

Thanks to Lothian Buses of course – and for choosing us as Charity of the Year because that is why Neil and Chris chose us today!

And huge thanks to Twitter and all the people today who donated, tweeted, supported – social media at its absolute finest.

Their twitter name –  @lothianbusgeek

ours – @itsgood2give

Lothian Buses- @on_lothianbuses

Articles so far on them

Edinburgh Spotlight

Edinburgh Reporter

And STV edinburgh

Evening News



Christmas Bag packing

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We have a fabulous bagpacking team in Steven and Ruth Davies – they secured one of the best dates of the year for bagpacking – Sunday 22 December!

Marks and Spencer at the Gyle was mobbed with shoppers getting ready for christmas and our team did incredibly well.

Assisted by Shonagh Byrne, Ruth pulled together a 20+team of packers – looking super professional in our new tabards they wowed the shoppers obviously.

I say obviously because they raised over £1800 in just under 6hours.   Absolutely fantastic.

Well done to the team and thanks also to our friend John Macauley for coming along to help with some of the pupils from Forrester High School.


2014 – the year of fitness/wellness

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With the return of the Commonwealth Games to Scotland this year, we are taking this opportunity to have a few fitness and wellness events of our own.

Let me tell you about the first one.iain dunn

We are really lucky to have Iain Dunn, Pilates instructor leading our first 6 week course. (with a follow on course starting after Easter break)

It will be held in the studio at the
Scotsman Spa, Market Street, Edinburgh on
Tuesday mornings 10-11am
starting on Tuesday 25 February 2014.

Cost is £75 for the 6 week course payable in advance.

Places are very limited – we will only have ten places on this course to ensure that Iain can look after us all!

If you would like to join this course, I recommend you get in touch very soon.

Immense thanks to Judith Paterson, Balanced Physiotherapy, Iain Dunn, Iain Dunn Pilates and Caroline Murray at the Scotsman Spa for their support in bringing this event together.



Rugby tickets up for Auction – Scotland v England game

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Our good friends and supporters, The McPhersons, have donated two tickets for us to auction.

Pretty special tickets too – they are for the Scotland V England game at Murrayfield  on Sat 8 February 2014 at 5.00pm.

The tickets are for seats in West Stand 3.

To get you warmed up we can also add into this package – lunch and a beer at The Cumberland Bar, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh.

If you would like to make a bid  then please do so by emailing us here or message below.



Christmas Cards

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Three of our designs are ready for sale – two more still to go to printers.

From the start of selling Christmas cards we decided we would always have individual and exclusive designs.  Oh, and have them printed locally (Farquhars in Perth – superb service).  If that means they are a wee bit more expensive then so be it.

Our first card is by Alexis Manson, award winning local photographer – she has designed several cards for us now or donated her photos I should say.  Stunning they are too.

I love the look on this wee robin’s face.   Thank you, Alexis – it is so good to have your support.












The next two cards are special too – designed especially for us by one of our charity patrons – Cathy Cassidy.  Cathy is a renowned children’s author and illustrator and very generously made these two pictures for us – (the originals are going up for auction at one of our upcoming afternoon tea events if you are interested).

Given Cathy’s timetable it is a miracle she found time to do them and we thank her for them.   I love the little dog with his antlers!

We don’t yet have an online shop so the only way to buy is to get in touch!

please email your orders to us and we will send them out at end October.

The packs are of ten cards and are keenly priced at £4 per pack for Cathy’s cards (size is A5) and £3.50 for the Robin (size is A6).

Postage and packing will be at cost.  If you are Edinburgh based we may be able to deliver thus avoiding postage costs.

All our cards will be for sale at our events.


Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh lapel brooch

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This stunning brooch was designed by Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh‘s very own Marketing Manager, Lesley Ross

Featuring our beautiful Forth Rail Bridge – I put in a photo of the iconic bridge as taken by me just yesterday.

The Forth Bridge was opened on 4 March 1890 and building it took the lives of 98 men.

I am very proud of the Bridge and of our lapel pin!

Thanks, Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh – we very much appreciate your support.

If you would like to buy one or more of our lapel pins please get in touch.  Payment can be by BACS, cheque or credit card (small admin fee of 50p applies if paying by credit card)

Cost of the pin is £8

post and packing to anywhere in the UK is £2 extra

Every penny from the sales of this lapel brooch comes to our charity.






hrc pin fb

My To Do List

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I had a mad thought I could keep today simple and only have three main tasks.


Started to do the list and it is quite long.

  1. Find a sponsor for goody bags (drawstring bags with one small bike related gift and jelly babies) for our Pedal 4 Paul cyclists
  2. Sign up more cyclists for our Pedal 4 Paul team
  3. Email all our Charity of the Year business partners and other contacts about our amazing Lothian Bus Pull Challenge
  4. Write Thank You letters and cards
  5. Fit in a bike training ride – wearing odd socks to remember Paul who lost his fight with cancer three years ago today
  6. Pay invoices
  7. Get another Christmas card designed just for us
  8. Email our MP re cycling item
  9. Banking
  10. Write article
  11. Get an info postcard for IG2G
  12. Work on newsletter
  13. Work on other events
  14. Write Blog post about Buy a Service
  15. Write blog post about Pledges

Right, that is too long for one day.  Think I will make the list longer and add on a few smaller to do items and make it so that I have till Monday morning to get it all done.

Can I do it?  Hope so.  If you can help with items 1, 2 , 3 and 7 please do get in touch!


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Waves of gratitude come over me more and more these days. For lots of reasons.  (I won’t repeat them since I said so many of them in my previous post).

This morning I was reading the obituary on Andrew McMenigall in The Scotsman and yesterday I was at Esme Macintyre’s funeral.

I thought about Esme and her family a lot yesterday after the funeral and Andrew’s family have never been far from our thoughts since he died.

The reason I wanted to write about it is because I was thinking of the wider implications of their loss.

Andrew (do, if you can, read his obituary in today’s Scotsman) was clearly a giver.  My goodness me did he contribute to the community.  In so many ways.  Fundraising, coaching, mentoring.  Although I had spoken to him briefly on the phone, I wish I had met him.

Esme, who I did meet a few times, was a quite remarkable person too.  Listening to her family background yesterday and seeing the family photos on the slideshow presentation showed a girl living life to the full even after her diagnosis and almost right up to the end.  She too was already a giver.  Raising over £1000 for It’s Good 2 Give and several thousands of pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust and other charities.

It made me think of all the funerals I have attended in past seven years and of young people I never met but whose families are friends now.

And, as we do every single day, we think of our own Andrew taken in his prime last year.

There are so many people affected by their loss and for the wider community a great loss too as I believe that all these people would have contributed positively.

It’s Good 2 Give is about supporting young cancer patients and their families and about giving – giving of time, ideas and skills as well as money.   And giving thanks.

I do that often.  Today I give thanks for Andrew and Esme.  They lived their Dash.


The It’s Good 2 Give lapel pin

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Introducing our new lapel pin.

What do  you think?    We love it!

It’s first outing is today – let me tell you how we came to have it.

One of our trekkers, Elaine Whellans, is a quite amazing lady – as well as being a supporter for a great many years she decided to come on our Kilimanjaro team – my goodness is she one superb fundraiser.  Already raised over £10,000 and heading towards £15,000! She has a committee helping her.  Oh yes, it’s all very organised.  I have been lucky enough to become friends with her committee and one of them – Hazel – got married today.

Hazel approached me months ago and asked if I could think of a wedding favour that was It’s Good 2 Give related that she could give to her guests. It was to be a surprise for her lovely friend Elaine.  Well I thought and thought – we had nothing suitable at all as a favour at the time.  So I set helper Vera onto the task too and she was way better at it than me and between us all we got this pin designed.

I love it.  Thanks Hazel and Vera!  Thanks also to Lucy for taking the cracking photos.

If you would like to buy one we will have them at every event – they are just £1 each.

Congratulations, Hazel and Sandy and thanks for being our launch event for the pins.  Elaine, sorry we made you cry even in a good way! lapel pin



Andrew McMenigall

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We are devastated to hear the news of the death of Andrew McMenigall.  Andrew recently got in touch to set up a fundraising page to help It’s Good 2 Give raise funds through his Lands End to John O’Groats cross country cycle.
He and a friend were also fundraising for the Kirsten Scott Memorial Fund.
We are indebted to Andrew for his support.  Ian and I have thought about their family from the minute we  heard the dreadful news.  Our deepest condolences to Andrew’s family.
Through our charity, Andrew Cyclist Charitable Trust, we will increase our efforts to make cycling safer for all.
A very sad day indeed.



I thought you would like to know that the page set up by Andrew now has almost £6000 on it. I am not in the least surprised now that I have read so much about the kind of man Andrew was. A man very highly regarded indeed.