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Where does your money go?

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Perhaps you have attended one (or more) of our fantastic events – or put loose change into one of our collecting cans. Talking of which, if you have  or know of an office or shop that could take one of our cans do get in touch.

Maybe you organised an event to raise funds for us or had a significant birthday and asked for donations in lieu of gifts.

Then thought ‘I wonder what do It’s Good 2 Give  do with that donation?’.

Let me tell you;

There is £100,000′ in the bank ‘- a pretty good start to our £1m target.

In addition, we have agreed to several requests from professional staff at the hospital.

For example, a 17 year old asked for a specific make and model of mobile phone which we found later allowed him to increase the font size thus allowing him to keep in touch with his friends by text and email.  (Sadly, he later lost his fight with cancer )

In order to allow a family to keep mobile we paid for essential repairs on the family car making it roadworthy again.

We contributed 50% of the deposit on a mobility car for a young man who has cancer

Nowadays laptops are an integral part of a young person’s life allowing them to continue with homework and to communicate with friends – we have provided 2 laptops  to patients in ward 2 at the Sick Kids.

Our weekly delivery of healthy snacks for patients and parents is eagerly received!  Each week we take in smoothies, individual pots of fruit, individual puddings, healthier crisps, individual portions of cheese and biscuits, small ice creams, ice lollies, cereal bars, juices.  For the past five months we have  had generous support from sponsors for this – City Cabs Ltd, Flavour catering, Timberbush Tours and Queensferry Rotary Club – we thank them for their help.  If you know of anyone who might sponsor a month (£250) please pass on my details to them!

Our range of workshops is increasing week by week

From jewellery making to wood turning, from glass painting to craft skills we are happy to try anything that keeps the children and young people engaged.

As part of our annual fashion show we are holding  confidence building workshops.  These are very popular and help our models relax on the day!

Parents are showing much appreciation for our Parents Packs – a pack of essentials but with a luxurious and thoughtful touch – in addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste (and thanks must go to the Edinburgh Sheraton for those), we provide Molton Brown shower gel, notelets and pen, stamps, a booklight and fan (it can be very warm in the hospital).  Many of the items we provide are donated by our kind supporters especially around Christmas time.

Unsung donors

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The kindness and generosity of people always warms me.   In the next two weeks I will introduce you to a number of businesses and individuals who have donated and supported us with prizes for our Blingo event.

Today though I want to make some personal thank you’s –

A huge thank you to my friend and hairdresser Jacqui Findlay - she has an incredible challenge on her hands because I am a menace with my hair – never look after it properly and like to put knots in it!  Jac sorts me out every month and like many hairdressers is an amazing listener too.  And boy does she have plenty to listen to…….chatterbox McNicoll, that’s me.

Oh sure she likes to let me know I have grey hair – actually I think she told me there were a few WHITE hairs in there now too – (gee thanks Jac, I blame the fashion show – much as I love it and I do very very much it is a stressful event to organise!)

But here’s the reason for the mention – she won’t take a penny from me.  And takes me on her days off to sort me out – monday coming is a prime example.  A local magazine wants to do a photo of me for a wee article coming out next month and Jac just says pop in before you go and I will blowdry your hair.

So, I save up money I would have spent on hairdressing and put it in a savings account and twice a year will donate it to our charity.

Jacqui, you are a lovely lady and I thank you for ‘giving’ my hair a treat

Then there’s Val and her team at Flavour catering

In addition to sponsoring April’s nutritional snacks, Val and her team at Flavour (drumsheugh place) are always so welcoming when I go in and won’t let me pay for my cup of tea.  They put on fantastic spreads for our volunteers at events – sandwiches, crisps and fruit.  Val also helps source prizes and make introductions – oh and one day let me tell you the story of the boomerang bracelet……

Victor and Carina Contini,
at Centotre and The Scottish Cafe – always welcoming, always supportive – hosted events, let us have meetings at Centotre.  Just wonderful wonderful people.


This week the It’s Good 2 Give office had some serious issues with the printer and the new BT hub – as in it wouldn’t print.  From either computer.  To our rescue came Hugh Macfarlane.   Over a series of visits he has become the relationship adviser to the computers and printer and they are at last speaking to each other again!  He has also written us a Disaster Recovery Plan – not a document I ever considered but one I now understand is pretty important.

Many thanks to Hugh.





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1st May – how did that happen?   Time sure can rush by – I still try very hard to enjoy every moment.  I have some crazy ideas I am working on (nothing new there then) and lots of events.  May is going to be incredible – it’s so full of events organised by us  (the amazing Blingo event is on 19 May ) and by others and 2 more of our successful workshops.

More on all of these coming soon but today let me welcome May by saying Thank You.

Thank you to Flavour catering (great food and coffee at Drumsheugh Place)  for sponsoring April’s nutritional snacks and Thank You to City Cabs for sponsoring May’s.

We have set the bar high on our standard of nutritional snacks and are delighted with the response we are getting.  Many parents and young people have texted and emailed to say they look forward to snack time each day and we are so glad to be able to make a difference in this small but significant way.

I have been shopping today for the first of City Cabs snacks deliveries and will buy the fresh produce on Tuesday – we have put together some wonderful treats.

By talking (one of my favourite pastimes) about the snacks and their success – we now have a sponsor for June too – the lovely June Voy of Timberbush Tours is celebrating a milestone birthday in June (I would have said it was her 30th if I didn’t know she had a nearly teenage son so it must be her 40th…….. )anyway  June has decided that one of the ways she is going to celebrate is by sponsoring the snacks for the  month of June.

This is wonderful news and we thank Flavour, City Cabs and Timberbush Tours very much  – if you know of anyone or any business who might sponsor a month please do ask them to get in touch with me!


It’s Good 2 Give….nutritional snacks

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It is amazing that our nutritional snacks project has only been going a few months but is already very successful.  The dietician at the Sick Kids approves – see box right.   The parents and young people approve – we get lots of texts to say how much they appreciate it.  [insetright title=”Paediatric Dietician”]”I am writing to you today to thank you for the  snacks for the Oncology patients on ward 2 at Sick Kid’s hospital.  Good nutrition is really important for children undergoing treatment for cancer and plays an important role in keeping up their strength and immunity to fight infections.  The addition of the snack trolley has improved the flexibility of food provision and choices of foods available for these children.  Many of these children are inpatients for an extended period and become tired and bored of the hospital menu.  The snack trolley provides a welcome change to the existing menu and has helped improve the overall intake of our patients.”[/insetright]

We also appreciate all those who help us – from the ladies on the delivery rota who appear every wednesday to pick up the snacks to this month Flavour catering who are providing all the snacks and drinks.

As well as the snacks, we provide a few magazine subscriptions so that there is something current for parents to read.


If you know a business who would like to sponsor a month of our snacks please do pass on our details – £200 – £250 per month covers the shopping bill!