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What We Do – Workshops

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Each month we organise a different workshop

Vera Stewart is our Workshops Champion and her remit is to come up with a varied calendar of workshops, promote them to families in treatment (and in the 2 years after treatment), deal with the venue and co-ordinate the events.

This year she has surpassed herself with some pretty amazing ideas. Thanks too must go to Brenda Duncan too for two fantastic ideas for workshops – a chocolate making workshop and the circus skills workshop.

We have also had arts and crafts and a sushi making workshop, build a bear, Benefit make up,

Pictures say a thousand words – have a look at our gallery of workshops. (these are only a small selection!)


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Egged on by one of our young supporters I started the process of learning another new skill at the weekend!    Knitting – who’d have thought it.  No one that knows me, that’s for sure.

I had first seen Knitting for all at Craigie’s Farm open weekend and asked Kerry if she would do a workshop for our young cancer patients, siblings and parents.  She was delighted to do it and our first day of six was on saturday.  We made, yes made our own knitting needles and the felt decoration on the end of the needle.  I tell you there was no need for the gym  – our arms got a right workout sanding the needles down.  I had no idea that you made felt with wool and washing up liquid…..

So, as some of our other participants are a wee bit shy, it is my small piece of knitting that I display to you now.  Proudly.  I reckon I can make a scarf for me to wear when doing the Kilimanjaro trek – maybe even one for every participant!! (Oh, might that put them off?)

Next day, at our Kiss the Fish craft workshop our participants made a real variety of things – 4 year old Victoria made a very beautiful painted t shirt and gym bag and loved every minute of it.  She told all of us she loved us!   Iona decopatched a giraffe and her sister Lauren made a beautiful photo frame.  Ellie, who is a bit camera shy, made a very elegant mask and will wear it at our fashion show in November while her cousin Tracey decopatched a hippo.  Rhona, who owns Kiss the Fish, looks after us so well and I thoroughly recommend organising a children’s event or party there – much fun had by all!


Ellie the very special elephant

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As we start the planning for our Kilimanjaro trek – currently planned for September 2013 to allow for fundraising and training – I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our marketing initiatives.

After being at one of our workshops at Kiss the Fish – a simply fantastic craft shop and venue in Stockbridge – I thought it would be fun to have an elephant that the children could decorate for us and we’d take to events.   To encourage donations as well as to recruit trekkers!

That was an ok idea but then one of the mums, Lynsey Mackenzie , came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to decorate the elephant with photos of the families in Ward 2 – past and present and also photos of young people who have inspired me in my fundraising.

Our first ‘Decorate the elephant’  session was last sunday and four young people came with their mums – Sammi, Natalia, Milly and Victoria had a ball making the elephant all pink and pretty – Sammi came up with the name and everyone agreed so we’d like to introduce you to Ellie……..

she is still a work in progress as many families want to add their photo to her.  We hope though to have her finished by the end of June, get her varnished up and take her to all our events.

oh and thanks to Mark (Sammi’s dad) for the scrummy cake he made us to munch on as we decorated!

and here is Ellie after our first session – if you’d like to add your photo to our special elephant then do get in touch

We also have Elmer the elephant to decorate – Elmer is going to be a bit of a fundraiser elephant too – we are inviting businesses and schools to donate to our trek fundraising and we will add their logo to Elmer!

(for the record, our trek fundraising will go entirely to our projects – all trekkers have to pay their own way for our Kilimanjaro trek – so that all money they raise will be for It’s Good 2 Give!)

It’s Good 2 Give…workshops

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Four workshops under our belt now – all went really well. The Bead Shop hosted two for us – a silver making workshop and a spring bead bracelet workshop – participants feedback is – when are the next workshops??  Everyone loved them.  I personally tried making the spring beads bracelet and so long as you don’t look too closely you will probably think I did pretty well!kiss the fish workshop

spring beads

Kiss the Fish hosted a craft workshop for younger ones and mums – what fun was had there too!   Giraffes, cats, camels and little Victoria’s well scarey crocodile.  It is fair to say that Victoria had the best day!  She absolutely loved it and is looking forward to more in the future.  She came to say bye to me and asked for a bead making workshop too.  It’s Good 2 Give’ll fix it for her…..

model workshop

And then we had the first of our catwalk skills workshops.  Apprehension was definitely to be seen on the faces of our first participants!  By the end of the two hours though they were all glad they had come along and we had learnt a few things too – That’s the fun of doing something for the first time. [insetright title=”Tracey, one of our models”]”Certainly Ellie (her cousin)   grew in confidence and was listened to and she came away willing and confident that she could do the show and we are both looking forward to it immensely!”[/insetright]